Rescue 3 WRT vs BCU WWRS

When I am asked have I under taken any, water rescue courses, my answer is always, “Yes I’m a Rescue 3 WRT”.

Most of the time here in the UK I get a puzzled look and they reply, “Oh… WWSR?”.

WWSR or White Water Safety and Rescue is a BCU, course is no where on par with the WRT course.

My personal opinion is that the Rescue 3 WRT is the better of the two. But its your choice. Have a look at the course break downs below.

Rescue 3 WRT

  • 3 Days, 20 hours
  • The Whitewater Rescue Technician course is designed for the outdoor professional with existing river experience to provide you with the necessary skills to perform rescues in whitewater river
    • Hydrology and water dynamics
    • Introduction to technical rescue equipment
    • Hazard identification & risk assessment
    • Introduction to rope systems
    • Swimming in moving water
    • Medical considerations
    • Foot and body entrapments
    • Scene management
    • Contact and in-water rescues
    • Two and Four point boat and rope system
    • Crossing techniques
    • Boat pins and entrapment
  • Internationally Recognized


  • 2 Days (10 hours total)
  • The WWS&R training course is designed for all paddlers operating in a moderate to advanced white water environment in either kayak or canoe. In addition, the training is required for those seeking their 4 star leader (white water or open canoe) award.
    • To improve individuals awareness of safety skills in the river environment.
    • To teach personal survival skills.
    • To teach throwline rescue techniques.
    • To understand the need for structure in an emergency situation.
    • To outline basic rescue protocols that prioritise the safety of the individual above all others.
    • To introduce & develop the ‘clean rope’ principle.
  • Not internationally recognized




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