Itching to go check out some new canyons

Oops woke up this morning and got canyons on the brain. A long bank holiday weekend is coming for the UK.


Ok dead center we have Afon Goch which is Aber Falls.

Left of  Aber falls we have sweet looking cascade of falls I have eyed up on the walk in to Aber Falls. Looks like 5 or 6 little falls. I have found a reference to the falls calling them, Aber Falls little brother. Abberfallslittlebrother,-4.00163,3a,75y,90t/data=!3m5!1e2!3m3!1s25975218!2e1!3e10

And from the side


Think i might just have to talk someone into coming and running this little thing with me this weekend.

The other two are potentials I have just been eyeing up on the map. Think they might be worth a scout this weekend.

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Aber Falls

We had been thinking of Canyoning down Aber Falls for a while and we finally did it a month ago.

Here is the result

Sorry about the bad video editing. I hope to get better as we go on.

We found some old rigging in place on the top of the main falls, but nothing on the upper sections, which were fun in themselves.

4 abseils and several good slides, its all good on the upper. There is a dead tree in the pool of the best slide.

The main falls is a little bigger than the noted 38 metes on wiki, more like 50 as it took the best part of two 80 meter ropes. Its a three tere drop on just above the main falls. which requires some handy rope work to get you down to the river right of the falls for the main abseil.

There is an old perished rope in the falls just after the outcrop rock part way done. Which could do with being cut out at somepoint. I’m guessing who ever left that there did not make there rope retrievable, and it has rotted away over the years.

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