Itching to go check out some new canyons

Oops woke up this morning and got canyons on the brain. A long bank holiday weekend is coming for the UK.


Ok dead center we have Afon Goch which is Aber Falls.

Left of  Aber falls we have sweet looking cascade of falls I have eyed up on the walk in to Aber Falls. Looks like 5 or 6 little falls. I have found a reference to the falls calling them, Aber Falls little brother. Abberfallslittlebrother,-4.00163,3a,75y,90t/data=!3m5!1e2!3m3!1s25975218!2e1!3e10

And from the side


Think i might just have to talk someone into coming and running this little thing with me this weekend.

The other two are potentials I have just been eyeing up on the map. Think they might be worth a scout this weekend.

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Prysor Trip Video

As promised if not a little late, here is the Prysor Canyoning trip video.


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Aber Falls revisit

I was lucky enough to get the chance to revisit Aber Falls this weekend.

Its a quality canyoning location. 4 abseils, jumps and lots of slides.

We didn’t get to run the main falls as there was a little too much flow to get to the final rigging point, so only managed to get in two abseils.

You run starts where you the big boulder on the path. Drop down to it from there you see the small boulder. This is the abseil point.

This is a nice start to get people abseiling. There is a two tier grass step before you get to the ledge that takes you into the water fall. The pool at the bottom of the fall is shallow but clean.

Into the slides. there are numerous sides from this point, all easily inspected.

Always inspect any pools before you slide into them.

Washing machine. On a low flow this is just a nice deep jumping pool, from the rocks on the middle left of the pool. On high flow, it gets its name. the water produces a jet of water that hits the jumping rock. Drop down on the left and slide in you get a nice dunking by the jet.. Best to have someone tired off at the edge of the pool to stop anyone going over the next fall though, and the rope doubles as a tag line to get everyone back up to the jump rock.

A big slide. There is a deep pool at the bottom, but an over hanging tree over the top of the pool. we tried to clear the pool as best we could. its best ran on the right.

Next is the lead in to the second abseil. The water funnels down a slot on the left. The abseil point is on the left at the end of the slot. You can rig from the boulder the the top of the slot to get people down to the abseil point. or get them to step across lower down. This abseil is about 15 meters. the pool is deep, the exit to the pool is on the right, which shallows. out nicely. This is handy as this is the start of the main falls. three tiered drops.

This was where we walked out today. its an easy walk out back to the path from this point. up to the right.

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